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I'm So Harsh Shampoo

I'm So Harsh Shampoo

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  • Perfect for Harsh Coats - Treat your furry friend to the luxurious care they deserve with our 'I'm So Harsh' Shampoo. Specially formulated for harsh coats, this shampoo ensures a perfect balance of texture and shine, making it ideal for breeds like Frenchies, Terriers, Schnauzers, and more. Elevate your pet's grooming routine with our professional-grade product.

  • Moisturizing & Texturizing without Softening - Our puppy-safe formula contains ingredients that deliver a gritty, textured feel to your pet's coat while maintaining its natural shine. This moisturizing shampoo doesn't compromise on texture, ensuring your puppy's coat retains its distinct characteristics while still looking and feeling healthy.

  • Deep Cleansing with Every Wash - Our shampoo effectively removes dirt and grime from your dog's coat. Each wash ensures your pet's fur is thoroughly cleaned, leaving it fresh and revitalized. Say goodbye to stubborn grime and hello to a cleaner, happier pup!

  • Say Good-Bye To Smelly Dogs - with its mild pleasant scent, this shampoo leaves your dog smelling great for days.

  • Highest Quality Ingredients - this shampoo is completely pet-friendly and free of harsh preservatives, SLS, parabens, and silicones. Rest easy knowing you're using a safe product on your pet.

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Introducing the I'm So Harsh Shampoo - the perfect solution for harsh-coated breeds. This deep-cleansing formula removes dirt, grime, and odor, leaving your dog's coat looking and feeling amazing. With its unique blend of ingredients, this shampoo gives the coat a textured feel without sacrificing shine.

At So Posh, we use only high-quality, pet-friendly ingredients that are free of harsh preservatives, SLS, parabens, and silicones. Plus, our pleasant scent keeps your furry friend smelling great for days.

With a 1:10 concentrate formula, a little of this shampoo goes a long way. Get your pup looking and smelling great with I'm So Harsh Shampoo.


  • Terrier
  • Schnauzer
  • Griffon
  • any other harsh coated breed


Aqua, Coconut-Based Cleanser, Rapeseed Oil, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Sea Salt, Fragrance, Preservative

How To Use?

  • Dilute up to 1:10 in a mixing bottle (or any container)
  • Pour over the coat and rub it in
  • Rub some more, your pup deserves it
  • Rinse properly

This is the only shampoo we don't recommend using conditioner with (it will make the coat too soft).

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Customer Reviews

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Tamara C.

So posh that cats can’t runaway from Piki ;)


Super Shampoo! Mein Drahthaar hat es perfekt vertragen! Very good shampoo. My wirehaired pointer really did like it