Transforming Grooming, One Salon At A Time.

Grooming Products That Reduce Costs, Save Time, & Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Transforming Grooming, 
One Salon At A Time.

Grooming Products That Reduce Costs, Save Time, & Increase Customer Satisfaction


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Why So Posh is Your Salon's Best Choice

Increase your salon's profit margins by purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

Serve more clients with products that speed up grooming without sacrificing quality.

Delight your clients with exceptional results and turn them into regulars who trust only your services.

No more mixing products

All You need Is The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Our Shampoos...

Give squeaky clean coats with just one wash.*

Contain optical brighteners which make all colors pop.

Each has a special effect, tailored for every coat type.

*Except in extreme cases.

Our Conditioners...

Eliminate the need for all serums, sprays, and texturizers. 

Massively reduce brushing times for faster sessions.

Eliminate future tangles and matts.

Choose by Coat Type

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Feel the So Posh Difference

My name is Sveta Grün and I founded So Posh in 2016.

Having a decade of experience as a Shih Tzu breeder, I faced the same challenges as all dog professionals. The time-consuming grooming routines for shows required dozens of products, but the results were never quite what I was looking for.

I had tried every single brand in the world but couldn't find one I was happy with. All I wanted was cosmetics that were effective, simple to use, and affordable, while not causing any skin issues.

After one of my champions' coat fell off after using "the best" coat oil available, I decided to launch my own product line.

Fast forward into 2023, So Posh is loved by thousands of professionals around the world, in 29 countries & 3 continents.

Our fans include breeders, groomers, champion handlers, and even judges.

The most common feedback we hear is "So Posh is the brand we've been looking for."

I invite you to try the So Posh difference. I have no doubt that you'll love it.

And Don't Forget About Our Best-Sellers

What Are Our Fans Saying? 


"I've been a long-time user of So Posh products in my grooming salon, and they never disappoint! My clients are thrilled with the results, and I'm always excited to see the fantastic outcomes.

For the first time, people are asking to purchase the products I use because they're so impressed and want to maintain the results at home.

I also use So Posh products for preparing show dogs, and my clients have won breed, BIS, and special shows with them!

I can confidently recommend So Posh products to everyone!"

- Johanna Veldre, Estonian Groomer

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

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