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The Ultimate Wrapping Kit

The Ultimate Wrapping Kit

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    • With this set, you can go for 3 weeks without brushing or wrapping! - No yellowing, no breaking.
      • The Ultimate Wrapping Kit contains I'm So Silky Shampoo, Leave-On Conditioner, and Coat Oil.
      • It is the end-all solution for maintaining the show coat of Yorkshire Terriers, Biewer Terriers, and Maltese Bichons.
      • I'm So Silky Shampoo is deeply cleansing and primes the hair for treatment. The Leave-On Conditioner adds moisture. The Coat Oil protects from damage and rejuvenates hair growth.
      • 100% guaranteed to be free of silicones, and parabens, and with human-grade ingredients.
      Don't settle for less when it comes to your dog's coat. Invest in the So Posh Wrapping Kit and give your dog the best chance at achieving a beautiful, show-quality coat.

      Why do I need this?

      Specially formulated for the needs of Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese Bichons.

      We know how time-consuming maintaining a full show coat can be. The wrapping process is tiresome - you unwrap the coat and it's full of dust and tangles. There are yellow spots, drying, and split ends. The whole process takes hours!

      And you have to do it once a week... If you have several dogs, it's almost a full-time job!

      Our Solution

      The Leave-On Conditioner is formulated to add moisture to the coat, leaving it soft, shiny, and manageable.

      The Coat Oil is formulated to protect the coat from damage and breakage, keeping it strong and healthy. It also helps to rejuvenate hair growth, giving you a longer, fuller coat.

      When used together, the So Posh Leave-On Conditioner and Coat Oil provide the perfect combination for wrapping your dog's coat.

      How to use?

      1. Wash your dog with I’m So Silky Shampoo.

      2. Make a diluted mixture of I’m So Silky Leave-On Conditioner (5ml) and So Posh Coat Oil (5ml) mixed with warm water (about 250-300ml).

      3. Shake the mixture well and pour it over all layers of the coat.

      4. Do not rinse, just squeeze out excess water with your hands and dry the coat as usual.

      5. Wrap the coat with paper.

      Video instructions here.

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