Dog Coat Wrapping: secret tips for 3 week tangle-free wrapping

Dog Coat Wrapping: secret tips for 3 week tangle-free wrapping

Wrapping a dog's coat is a task for those drop coated dog (Yorkshire Terrier’s, Maltese’s, Shih Tzu’s etc.) owners who are serious about creating a show-quality coat. The coat needs to be wrapped so it doesn't tare and brake. A show wrap protects a dog’s coat, allows it to grow, and also helps keep it clean. You can start with wrapping as soon as the hair is long enough usually around 9 to 10 months.

To wrap, you need latex bands, wrapping paper squares (or some other appropriate paper, like rice paper or bakery tissue), and a comb. Before you wrap your dog’s hair, make sure that the coat is washed with I’m So Silky shampoo and the mixture of the I’m So Silky Leave-On conditioner + Coat Oil.

Want freedom from brushing, washing, and re-wrapping for 3 weeks?

Here is the secret of perfect wrapping that gives you a tangle-free freedom for 3 weeks.

For the 3 week tangle-free wrapping recipe follow these steps (or watch video here):

1. wash your Yorkie (Maltese, Shihtzu, etc) with I’m So Silky Shampoo

2. make a diluted mixture of I’m So Silky Leave-On Conditioner (5ml) + So Posh Coat Oil (5ml)+ warm water ca 250-300 ml

3. shake the mixture well and pour it carefully over all layers of coat

4. DO NOT RINSE! Just squeeze out excess water with your hands and dry coat as usual

5. finally, wrap the coat!

*SO POSH is a brand created by a breeder of Shih Tzus and Malteses. Everyday brushing and grooming for the shows used to take a lot of time and tons of different products which did not give desired results. The decision to completely rethink show dog grooming was born out of necessity. Is it possible to not have to re-wrap the coat for 3 weeks straight? Is it possible to wrap the dog such, that it stays tangle-free? Furthermore, is it possible to createproducts, that give the coat a strong effect, without having to use a dozen powders, sprays, or serums? Is it possible to rejuvenate hair growth? Turns out it is!

COAT OIL was the very first product in our portfolio. We tried all the coat oils on the market, and those weren’t good enough making the coat yellow, and/or breaking it. The world just needed a good coat oil, so we decided to create it.

Still not sure how to make the mixture and wrap the coat?

We have created a video for you. Watch it HERE

New way to think about professional coat care

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