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Dog Coat Wrapping: secret tips for 3 week tangle-free wrapping

Wrapping a dog's coat is a necessary task for owners of drop-coated breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, and Shih Tzus who want to achieve a show-quality coat.

Wrapping protects the coat from damage, helps it grow, and stay clean. It's best to start wrapping when the hair is long enough, around 9 to 10 months.

To wrap, you'll need latex bands, wrapping paper squares (or an alternative like rice paper or bakery tissue), and a comb. Before wrapping, make sure to wash the coat with I’m So Silky shampoo and a mixture of I’m So Silky Leave-On conditioner and Coat Oil.

Want to have freedom from brushing, washing, and re-wrapping for 3 weeks? Here's a secret recipe for perfect wrapping that will keep your dog's coat tangle-free for 3 weeks:

  1. Wash your dog with I’m So Silky Shampoo
  2. Make a diluted mixture of I’m So Silky Leave-On Conditioner (5ml) and So Posh Coat Oil (5ml) mixed with warm water (about 250-300ml)
  3. Shake the mixture well and pour it over all layers of the coat
  4. Do not rinse, just squeeze out excess water with your hands and dry the coat as usual
  5. Finally, wrap the coat

*SO POSH is a brand created by a breeder of Shih Tzus and Malteses, who was dissatisfied with the time and products required for everyday brushing and grooming for shows. The brand's goal is to create products that are effective without the need for multiple powders, sprays, or serums, and to rejuvenate hair growth.

Not sure how to make the mixture or wrap the coat? A video tutorial is available here!

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