Coat Oil

prevents tangles and keeps coat moisturized

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This magic oil prevents tangles and keeps the coat moisturized. It makes the coat smooth and soft without leaving a greasy residue. Does not dry nor yellow the coat.

How to use:

Spray directly into dry or towel dry coat OR add 5-20 ml to I'm So Silky Leave-on Conditioner mixture. Shake mixture between using, make sure the rinse is worked into the coat. Do not wash out. Dry coat as usual. Wrap coat or leave as it is.

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Become a distributor in Your country. Our mission is to make the world a happier place, one dog at a time! Contact us and let’s discuss business opportunities.

Every dog is special, so is every coat. Especially Show Dogs, whose coats need professional care. A good smell in a bottle is not enough for us. SO POSH is more than that – it is proof that taking care of your dog coat doesn’t have to be a nuisance – it can be easy and fun.

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