I'm So Silky Rinse-off Conditioner

Super Sleek Smoothing Conditioner for drop coats. Gives a heavy, smooth, anti-static result. Formulated especially for Show Dogs. Contains Crosilk™, which gives extreme shine and leaves the coat easy to comb. The conditioner, being anti-static, gets rid of hair flyaways and leaves the coat shiny and smooth. It also makes it easier to comb through it and get all the tangles out.

But this conditioner is not only for show day grooming. When you use I’m So Silky Shampoo and Rinse-off conditioner as a combo for maintenance grooming, you will see that coat is clean for much longer than usual. Our Rinse-off conditioner has a special formulation that keeps every single hair “locked”. That is why coat stays free of tangles and is protected from dust and dirt.

Conditioner contains no paraben,  no silicone, no harsh preservatives and is pH balanced.

I'm So Silky Rinse-off Conditioner

15,00 €Price
  • Dilute conditioner up to 1:10.
    We do not use harsh preservatives in our products, so use diluted mixture instantly, do not leave it for too long.

  • Aqua, Glycerin, Silk Protein, Argan Oil, Citric Acid, Vitamin A, Fragrance, Preservative