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Spend less time grooming, more time showing off.

So Posh was created for professionals like you. Our innovative grooming solutions are formulated to simplify your grooming process, allowing you to cut grooming time in half while keeping a perfect coat for weeks.

Affordable grooming, no compromises.

Get outstanding results with fewer bottles. Our highly concentrated shampoos and conditioners (1:10 ratio) ensure long-lasting use. Say goodbye to frequent restocking and hello to lasting value.

Different effects for different coat types.

Whether you're grooming an Australian Shepherd, a Bichon Frise, or a Yorkshire Terrier, our wide product collection is formulated for different coat types. Get the precise results you want, personalized to your breed.

Step into the spotlight with confidence.

Our conditioners provide an unparalleled shine that lasts for weeks, while our shampoos contain optical brighteners, intensifying the vibrancy of every color in your canine's coat.

Premium ingredients that won't ever cause problems.

Our products are more than just cosmetic, helping the coat to repair itself. Join the thousands of happy customers who have reaped the advantages of our innovative recipes, with no reported incidences of boils, skin irritation, or allergies.

Feel the So Posh Difference

My name is Sveta Grün and I founded So Posh in 2016.

Having a decade of experience as a Shih Tzu breeder, I faced the same challenges as all dog professionals. The time-consuming grooming routines for shows required dozens of products, but the results were never quite what I was looking for.

I had tried every single brand in the world but couldn't find one I was happy with. All I wanted was cosmetics that were effective, simple to use, and affordable, while not causing any skin issues.

After one of my champions' coat fell off after using "the best" coat oil available, I decided to launch my own product line.

Fast forward into 2023, So Posh is loved by thousands of professionals around the world, in 29 countries & 3 continents.

Our fans include breeders, groomers, champion handlers, and even judges.

The most common feedback we hear is "So Posh is the brand we've been looking for."

I invite you to try the So Posh difference. I have no doubt that you'll love it.

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Get 20% off and free shipping with your first order.

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Get 20% off and free shipping with your first order.

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Products for dogs with a rough and double coat

I'm So Fantastic

Deep-Cleansing Shampoo + Moisture Extreme Conditioner

The I'm So Fantastic line is deeply cleansing and moisturizing, brightens all colors, and adds immense shine. Get the So Posh experience without a special effect.  Perfect for Aussies and Samoyeds, but suitable for all coat types.

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Products for dogs with a silky coat

I'm So Silky

Silk Protein Shampoo + Rinse-Off Conditioner

The I'm So Silky line contains silk protein which leaves the coat heavy and smooth. Pulling your hand through it feels like touching a silk scarf. Eliminates tangles and stimulates hair growth. Perfect for Shih Tzus, Malteses, Afghan Hounds and other drop-coated breeds.

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Products for dogs with a puffy coat

I'm So Puffy

Massive Volume Show Shampoo + Conditioner

The I'm So Puffy line provides massive volume and hold without the use of any sprays. Use before a show or photo shoot. For daily usage get the I'm So Fantastic line.  Perfect for Bichons, Poodles, and all coats that need a temporary lift.

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Products for dogs with a harsh coat

I'm So Harsh

Texturizing Shampoo

The I'm So Harsh Shampoo deeply cleans the coat without softening it. Contains Ibiza Sea Salt which gives the coat gritty texture. Enhances all colors. Perfect for Terriers, Schnauzers, and all breeds with a harsh coat.

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Get 20% off and free shipping with your first order.