About Us

About Us

Every dog is special, so is every coat. Especially Show Dogs, whose coats need professional care. A good smell in a bottle is not enough for us. SO POSH is more than that - it is proof that taking care of your dog coat doesn’t have to be a nuisance - it can be easy and fun.

Countless hours have been put into the development of each SO POSH product. After years of trial-and error and dozens of scrapped recipes, we’ve succeeded at creating products that we can finally settle with – we’ve achieved near-perfection. The ingredients in our products are the best cosmetic technology has to offer.  

That is, the best from the non-toxic ingredients – our products are completely safe, environmentally friendly and most importantly: gentle with your beloved pet. After our fluffy friends, our second concern is of course you – our products won’t cause any damage to your skin and health.. 

Quality products that are easy to use, effective and affordable.

Nothing will make your dog
happier than feeling